Audrey Goldstein

Audrey Goldstein
Conversation Quilt
Intimate Toxicities; Conversation Quilt. 2023. Wood, paper, gouache,  BLK 3.0, glue, board, wool, muslin, silk, canvas, burlap, batting, thread, wool felt, D rings, stools. “85 x 65 x 108” dimensions variable with participants.
In Conversation Quilt, the topography tumbles onto the floor and becomes a quilt. Seats placed around the quilt invite people to sit together for conversation, sharing themselves while the comfort of the weighted blanket covers their laps. Participants are invited to write their thoughts on provided tags, allowing the quilt to grow fuller with the history of their added stories. (Example: “we talked about coming out of the pandemic and being together again. How delicious it is”

(courtesy Gallery Kayafas)

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