Audrey Goldstein

Issues of Trust II

Issues Of Trust II  explores the ambiguity inherently contained within artifice. Trompe l'oeil is inverted and repurposed, falsifying what the work is made of instead of creating pictorial deceptions such as the usual flies or coffee stains on a canvas. It is also used to blur boundaries, mimicking movement and contradicting the stillness and immediacy normally associated with sculpture. There is an overt interplay between materials that assume the guise of others and those that present themselves honestly. Play between visual weight and weightlessness disorients instead of reinforces how each section is experienced. The switch between illusion and actuality reflects our reliance on artifice. We experience this every day in the invented realities and facades we construct in order to fulfill our wants and desires. The work becomes just as trustworthy as these facades, with some moments being honest and some moments honestly something else.