Audrey Goldstein

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Audrey Goldstein
February 2021
Gallery Kayafas

“Shadowtime: A parallel timescape that follows one around throughout the day-to-day experience of regular time. Shadowtime manifests as a feeling of living in two distinctly different temporal scales simultaneously, or acute consciousness of the possibility that the near future will be drastically different than the present.”                         
-The Bureau of Linguistical Reality

Shadowtime, Audrey Goldstein’s current installation at Gallery Kayafas, is a house made of time, both the residue of passing time and the haunting of lost time. Made with discarded objects from an abandoned home, Shadowtime is an embodied whisper of time, an attempt to contain our stories of loss and beauty within the ghostly walls of a home. The rooms of Shadowtime are divided into timescapes that reflect periods of daylight and night. The pigmentation of each hour’s panel is a record of observed light from when it was made. 
 Enter the house between the eleven pm to midnight doorway and you find the Walking Stick sculpture, used as a sundial to generate the wall shadows. These wall panels both represent time (their observed light) and are made of time (their evaporation patterns). A walk through the rooms takes you through an entire day. Approach the panel of a single hour and you see the imprint of flotsam and jetsam scattered by a lifetime spent. The shadow-sediment is what remains from the Walking Stick’s cast shadow. 
The Walking Stick was formed by gathering and stitching but is held together by thread alone and is a conglomerate of leftovers. It is a record of time that is both noticed and unnoticed, spent and forgotten. The objects used are not seen individually but as building blocks. Their silk cocoons contain, isolate and preserve their memory-forms. The objects are held in stasis but serve to construct the whole. Each item’s original value is replaced by its structural purpose. The Walking Stick’s shadow contains a remnant of the home’s owner.  
Shadowtime is a building made to highlight our felt experience, our physical selves beyond the screen. It is a building made to wander through, to move through its rooms of time and begin to reset our pandemic isolation as you would reset a clock. Wanderers are invited to carry a small handheld; 5 objects of contact piece that can help ground them through touch. These small handhelds are made as haikus- a small gathering that expands understanding. Through touch, through contact forbidden us now, these small moments can help bring us connection. 

(Additional Statement: The Walking Stick sculpture also serves as a time capsule. Encased objects are from four generations of the artist’s family.)